MVI understands how most big brokerages operate in Los Angeles, CA..  Minimal time spent focusing on their clients needs, poor marketing strategies, bland work environments, etc..   MVI's approach is a much more dedicated, transparent, and exciting experience with their client and agents.  
Our attention to detail is what keeps our clients staying loyal to MVI Properties.  There is a lot of "fluff" in the real estate business and we get you from point A to point B as smoothly as possible.  Our clients enjoy that we respect their time and privacy which is why we are seeing more clients working with a boutique firm like MVI as opposed to some of the bigger brokerages.  
From an agents perspective it can be hard to find a place you want to call home.  Here at MVI we make sure our agents understand that we want them to use our platform to the best of their abilities to build their OWN brand.  We are here to motivate and guide them through the steps to successfully build a sustainable long term real estate brand for themselves.  

Founding Partners


          Mitchell McCarthy              (949) 413-1998

          Mitchell McCarthy

             (949) 413-1998

                        Elliot Van Nest                                      (626) 716-2198

                        Elliot Van Nest


                           (626) 716-2198



       Cheryl Ann David

Jack Cheng

         Brandon Towner




         Jessica Seifert

Hubert Chen


Grant Law


Alexis Park

        Victoria Ascarrunz

Robbie McCarthy

Jon Russo

Open Positions

Branch Managers

MVI is looking for experienced broker's to start up a few other MVI offices at our other WeWork locations.  Locations still available would include Hollywood, Santa Monica, Playa Vista, Culver City, and Irvine.



  • Experience doing real estate deals and understanding the transactional process
  • Must be able to help manage new agents and train them.
  • Forward thinker that can bring valuable ideas to the table. 

Sales/Investment Associates

Whether you are new to real estate or already have your business up and running MVI would love to speak with you.  MVI offers a great platform for both new and experienced agents.  We know how the big brokerages treat most agents and what they offer.  We tailor our agreements to meet whatever the agent finds most important to them.  


What we offer

  • Competitive splits on your residential and commercial transactions. [sliding scale, capped structures, or set split formats]
  • E&O insurance provided with no desk/franchise fees
  • Multiple office locations to use as you please. [Downtown LA, Santa Monica, Playa Vista, Culver City, Hollywood, Irvine Spectrum, Pasadena, and more on the way!]
  • Designated offices for teams
  • Profit sharing for team leaders
  • Relaxed work environment
  • Business cards, property signs, etc.. included


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