Value for Multifamily


1. Every Monday our blog will feature a list of properties sold within the last week that we find interesting.  We will break these down by zip codes.  Anyone can spend the time to pull public records or use databases but we are going to do all the leg work for you. 

2.  Deal of the day (DOTD) - These are on market and off market deals that we will either post daily/every other day(this will depend on when we see good deals).  Sometimes multiple deals will get posted in one day if there are multiple good deals to take a look at!  We understand that on market multifamily deals are in most cases double ended (represent both sides) by the listing broker.  However, we have represented people with on market deals if we feel that the situation is right. It is more important that our client has a fair chance at getting the deal than us representing them.  We will always let you know if the deal is on or off market and post the listing brokers information.  We believe providing value to investors this way will show them that we are very transparent.  The goal is to simply help you guys out.


Some of the other categories will have relevance to the people interested in multifamily as well!


Please email us if you have any suggestions of topics you would like us to touch on.