What value is MVI Properties going to bring to you?

Before MVI started we had many conversations about the brokerage community and the value that broker's/agent's are actually bringing to their clients these days. We understand that every sector of real estate operates differently but regardless we feel that everyone's actual value is decreasing aka they don't want to put in the work.  We live in a generation where everyone wants everything now now now.  MVI became an option because we both agreed that it was about bringing value to the clients first and also planting the right seeds for the future (building relationships, knowledge about the markets, and actually providing relevant content.)


Now that we have laid the foundation for MVI Properties brokerage it is time to start coming through with the rest of it.    Some of you may find this relevant from day one while others might not find benefits from this until later down the road.  Regardless, we are going to stay consistent with the plan of action and provide weekly content for our clients.   The purpose of this is to actually provide value to you.  In return, we just hope you guys can see how dedicated we are to being broker's and providing for our clients.  We hope you guys will see our transparency and we look forward to meeting (again) at some point!  

Below this post you will find a breakdown of what is to come. 


(if there is a particular way we can bring YOU value please email and let us know so we can be of assistance)