Why Listing With Us Is Just Better

Mitch and myself spend a lot of time talking about our marketing tools as things continue to progress here at MVI Properties.  As we put things in place we are really trying to find tools that are helpful for the prospective buyers and also tools that make the seller's feel comfortable in the work that we are providing.  Deals fall out or are price reduced in Escrow because in a hot market like this a lot of offers are site un-seen.  We understand that commercial real estate and residential real estate operate in different wave lengths but we are trying to find marketing tools that all of our agents can use. 

Marketing materials for commercial real estate are ridiculously stuck in the past.  All the big dog firms essentially use the same marketing package (20+ pages long) and throw their logos on them.  Nothing about the marketing package differs from the next except the address of the building.  No building stands out in any certain way.  I'm sure a few of those pages are helpful but a lot of it is overkill.  The listing agents really aren't doing too much for their listings these days. Our job isn't to build up MVI Properties by pulling other firms down but to stay relevant with the technology that is out there and provide true value for our clients. 

Residential real estate operates differently then commercial.  The process is much more emotional and finding the right house takes some time usually.  Regardless, going to a bunch of open houses can be a bit daunting at times which is why we love this piece of our marketing material.  This allows our agents to provide a virtual tour of the home which allows prospective buyers to see the home before actually going there.  

We are not saying that this eliminates physical inspections or driving by the property by any means but this most definitely helps a prospective buyer.  It also shows the Seller that work was actually put into marketing their property to the best of our abilities.  Better decisions can be made when this kind of experience is provided for our client and prospective buyer. Whether the buyer prefers to the see the layout of the unit for rehab purposes or wants to see the layout of the house before viewing it in person this tool is awesome. 

Trying to rent a unit out in your building as well?  Works great.

If you have thought about taking a building to the market we would love to sit down with you and let you know what kind of experience we provide. See below.

-Move around with your arrows on keyboard or by clicking.

-Bottom left corner can "change view" to dollhouse or floor plan